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Full River Red reviews and features

In “Full River Red,” a film that has made a fortune in its homeland, Zhang brings a piece of Chinese history to life in the form of a sometimes comedic drama, featuring enough court intrigue to choke a dragon, Boston Herald

The film is a twisty period comedy action thriller loosely inspired by a classic Chinese poem from the Southern Song Dynasty, The Hollywood Reporter

People are vulnerable, but nations are strong; “Full River Red” supplies more proof, Roger Ebert

Americans can look at Full River Red in two ways: with envy of its classical mythology, or astonishment at its Shakespearean view of character, National Review

Things are moving so fast that an abrupt shift in focus can reinvigorate interest and lead you down a completely different path of hypotheses, The Film Stage

Yimou stokes the curiosity fire with masterful filmmaking techniques and sharp violence, Movieweb

The numbers aren’t wrong: the most successful film of 2023 to date, and the most successful film of Zhang Yimou’s career, is also one of the best films the director has ever made, In Review Online

There's some dark comedy, tongue-in-cheek humor and witty banter, NYC Movie Guru

‘Full River Red’ overflows with comedy, drama and intrigue, Preview

Given its emphasis on dialogue-driven plot, it’s amazing how exciting Zhang manages to make the film, One Guy's opinion

Full River Red’s in your face style is unique, The Illuminerdi

This thriller recalls the director’s 2018 masterpiece Shadow in its labyrinthine dynastic intrigues as well as elegant inky visuals, The Straits Times

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